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Comparing unreal programs and rates are simply a waste of time. In all cases without exception  an initial quote is only a wild  guess. Assuming that every lender that you deal with  is perfectly honest you will still  be unable to get  an accurate quote unless you provide full information about your financials situation, the property and your exact needs.  LendingUniverse advance mortgage calculator  takes to a new level  of calculation.  Simply use it to  calculate mortgages quick or take it a step farther:     
 Calculate one loan or combination in seconds.

 View the monthly payment resulting of combining the first and second. Compare the result with unlimited programs side by side.

Residential, commercial and land loans programs can be compared in seconds     #1194129  

Enter your own data or receive quotes from new lenders. (Your social security# is not required)  Compare the quotes and save it.

Generally the more quotes you get the better your chances to improve your loan. Don't worry about remembering the quotes.  This FREE software will save every quote. The advanced mortgage calculator  saves any approval condition that is requested by the lenders.

You can compare and manage all quotes from one location.    

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Advanced calculator does a lot more than through numbers at you. It really enhance your survival by saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. It is easy to use, secured and free.    





Keep track of all your negotiation. You can access your secured personal control center from anyplace at at any time. 

Use the control center to calculate and compare other loans:


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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculators are used to help a current or potential real estate owner determine how much they can afford to borrow to purchase a piece of real estate.  calculators can also be used to compare the costs or real interest rates between several different loans, determine the impact on the length of the mortgage loan of making added principal payments or bi-weekly instead of monthly payments. A mortgage calculator is an automated tool that enables the user to quickly determine the financial implications of changes in one or more variables in a mortgage financing arrangement. The major variables include loan principal balance, periodic interest rate compound interest, number of payments per year, total number of payments and the regular payment amount.


When purchasing a new home most buyers choose to finance a portion of the purchase price via the use of mortgage. Prior to the wide availability of mortgage calculators, those wishing to understand the financial implications of changes to the five main variables in a mortgage transaction were forced to use compound interest rate tables. These tables generally required a working understanding of compound interest mathematics for proper use. In contrast, mortgage calculators make answers to questions regarding the impact of changes in mortgage variables available to everyone.

You can use an online mortgage calculator to see how much property you can afford. A lender will compare your total monthly income and your total monthly debt load. A mortgage calculator can help you add up all your income sources and compare this to all your monthly debt payments. It can also factor in a potential mortgage payment and other associated housing costs (property taxes, homeownership dues, etc.). You can test different loan sizes and interest rates. Generally speaking, lenders do not like to see all of your debt payments (including your property expense) exceed around 40% of your total monthly pretax income. Some mortgage lenders are known to allow as high as 55%.

Lending Universe is setting new standards in the world of commercial and residential loans, mortgage brokers and the loan calculation process. For too long, people have been seeking the right mortgage, small business loan, commercial loan or home construction loan without having access to a quick, secure and reliable source. Lending Universe has introduced a fast, hassle-free, reliable and thorough new way to deliver the best online quotes to your customers. From lending to borrowing, we always set the highest standards!

With our service, it is easier than ever to harness the benefits of multiple-lender bidding. Saving money, saving time and ensuring that your credit history is maintained are just three of the benefits to a good residential loan. At LendingUniverse.com, you can have private investors compete for your business, and secure a residential loan without proof of income or verification of finances. We offer a patent-pending, 100% free notary finding service. All these advantages plus an easy-to-complete online loan request make securing a  residential loan easier than ever through Lending Universe.

Each loan calculation at LendingUniverse.com delivers results from both private investors and wholesale lenders, ensuring our clients only the very best financial options. With Lending Universe, stressful and confusing search processes are completely eliminated. From mobile home loans to hard money loans, commercial mortgage and  hard money loans  to mortgage lenders, our site is specifically designed to direct you to what you need.

When filling out online forms, few things are as important to people as security and peace of mind. At LendingUniverse.com, your security is of paramount importance. Whether it's for loans or mortgages, each FREE search you do is protected by our secure and integrated software.

When you complete our easy-to-use and well-structured loan calculating form, you can rest assured that each piece of information is safe from outside infiltration and is treated with absolute confidence. With so many commercial loans being searched for, we consider it imperative to use the very best and most secure software available.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a commercial loan, mortgage loan, SBA loan, or refinancing, or if you are trying to find an appraiser. Lending Universe is dedicated to getting you the best quotes from both private and wholesale lenders. Our search form is time efficient and user friendly and our results always accurate and instant. Loans can be time consuming to find, especially if you are looking to get a selection of quotes for your customers of lead generation. Lending Universe takes that all in hand and creates a whole new experience designed to enhance your search, provide you with immediate information and reshape the way you get crucial information about loans.

For all your residential and commercial loan requirements, simply complete our form and we will deliver you fast, accurate results. Lending Universe is your first step to securing the residential or commercial loans you need.


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